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Who We Are

eHawaii.gov, the State of Hawaii Internet Portal was initially launched in 2000. Since then over 100 web-based applications have been deployed and over 2.5 million citizens come to the site annually.  The portal manager is the Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC., a Hawaii corporation located in downtown Honolulu and wholly owned subsidiary of eGovernment firm NIC Inc. (NASDAQ: EGOV).    

NIC, a leading eGovernment solutions provider, has similar agreements with 32 other states, including Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Indiana, Indianapolis and Marion County, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Michigan Secretary of State, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico MVD, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, US Department of Transportation, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia & Wisconsin.

A map of the USA with all of the NIC portal states highlighted in blue.

Our Goals

We enable citizens and businesses to conduct business with the government securely and efficiently using all digital channels. We also manage the official website for the State of Hawaii. Our goal is to make interacting with the government easier for the public by bringing services online and improving government efficiency. We leverage our self-funded model to deliver services to our government partners with very little risk or cost for development.

What We Do

While we operate as a for-profit company, state agencies, counties and local government can in many cases, work with us at no cost by utilizing our unique self funded model.

  • Build customized online applications (e.g., searching for data, submitting forms, renewing licenses, buying permits, mobile applications and paying taxes)
  • Provide Managed Enterprise Services (e.g. Licensing, Document Management, Secure Data)
  • Process electronic payments including credit cards, eChecks, invoiced payments and paper checks
  • Outreach and Marketing of online services on behalf of our partners
  • Offer customer service through phone, email, and live chat
  • Offer consulting services to help improve government websites and online applications
  • Build and design websites for government agencies as well as offering content management services to easily manage the website after completion (for non technical users)
  • Website and application hosting & development

Oversight of Our Operation

The twentieth Legislature, in 2000 passed Act 292 establishing the Access Hawaii Committee (AHC) to oversee the state of Hawaii’s internet portal activities.

Pursuant to Act 292, the AHC coordinates the activities of HIC and the departments and agencies that utilize the Portal. The committee provides oversight of the portal manager including:

  • Review of the annual strategic plan and periodic reports on potential new applications and services submitted by the portal manager;
  • Review and approval of all charges to portal users;
  • Review and approval of service level agreements negotiated by government agencies with the portal manager;
  • Review of the annual financial reports and audit of the portal manager;
  • Review of annual customer satisfaction surveys conducted by the portal manager; and
  • Review of performance measures of the portal submitted as part of the service management plan for portal-wide indicators and application specific indicators.

Portal Staff

As of November 2014, HIC has 32 full time employees.

Russell Castagnaro headshot

Jing Xu headshot

Zheng Fang headshot

Janet Pick headshot

Russell Castagnaro

Jing Xu

Zheng Fang

Janet Pick

President & General ManagerDirector of Marketing
& Operations
Director of Development

Project Management Office
(PMO) Manager


Rosie Warfield headshot

Nathan Hutchinson headshot

Rika Torres headshot

Rosie Warfield

Nathan Hutchinson

Rika Torres

Manager of eGovernment
Services & CMS

Web Coding & CMS SpecialistWeb Coding Specialist

Customer Service & Office Administration

Emily DaSilva headshot

Ann Yuasa headshot

Jamie Kinion headshot

Bobby Bundac headshot

Nick Choy headshot

Emily DaSilva

Ann Yuasa

Jamie Kinion

Gabriel Bundac

Nicolas Choy

Office ManagerAssistant Office
Customer LiaisonCustomer ServiceCustomer Service

Project Managers

DeAnna Niderost headshot

Julie Shohet headshot

Jerome Koehler headshot

Tony Tran headshot

DeAnna Niderost

Julie Shohet

Jerome Koehler

Tony Tran

Project ManagerProject ManagerProject CoordinatorProject Manager

Partner Liaisons & Quality Assurance

Burt Ramos headshot

Laurenz Bacungan headshotTeri Berschneider headshot

Carrie Miyasato headshot

Caryn Pang headshot

Burt Ramos

Laurenz Bacungan

Teri Berschneider

Carrie Miyasato

Caryn Pang

Partner LiaisonPartner LiaisonPartner LiaisonPartner LiaisonQA Analyst

Systems Administrators

Matt Taniguchi headshot

Julian Yap headshot

Matt Taniguchi

Julian Yap

Sr. Systems

Design Team

Patrick Nakamura headshot

Corey Rothwell headshot

Jenly Chen headshot

Patrick Nakamura

Corey Rothwell

Jenly Chen

Manager of Creative
Responsive Web
App Developer
Responsive Web
App Developer


Ernest Criss headshot

Sebastien How headshot

Matt Skoda headshot

Aga Wichrowska headshot

Jordan Laimana headshotIsaac Strauss headshot

Ernest Criss

Sebastien How

Matt Skoda

Aga Wichrowska

Jordan Laimana

Isaac Strauss

Lead DeveloperDeveloperDeveloperDeveloperDeveloperDeveloper


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