Applications built by HIC save our partners hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.  Our services allow them to avoid paying for data entry labor, paper, mail and postage costs.  These are the only costs factored into in our avoided costs estimates.  Portal services in 2014 resulted in avoided costs of over $5 Million.  All reports are as of Nov 20, 2014.  The numbers should increase by at least 8% by the end of the year.

Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

Business Registration Division

Avoided costs are over $600,000 to date for 2014. Avoided costs include printing, postage, and data entry costs.  No IT-related costs are considered.

A graph depicting the BREG avoided costs of 600,000 dollars per year.

Professional & Vocational Licensing

Through online transactions, savings are achieved through saved postage and printing of renewal application forms, data entry required from paper renewals.  Based on the number of online renewal transactions since 2001, PVL saves over $200,000 per year and has saved over $1.6M through the online renewal program.

A graph depicting the PVL avoided costs of 200,000 dollars per year.

Insurance Division

Highlights include:

  • 95%+ online adoption
  • Upgraded the renewal application to handle new annual renewal requirements
  • Re-design and launch of mobile insurance license search scheduled in Q4 2013 
  • Avoided cost near $300K as of September 2014

A graph depicting the Insurance Division avoided costs of 300,000 dollars per year.

Department of Land and Natural Resources

The avoided cost for DLNR Permits is estimated to exceed $200K by the end of 2014. The avoided cost includes all licenses and permits issued through the program and only considers data entry time.

A graph depicting DLNR Permits avoided costs of 200,000 dollars per year.

Department of Taxation

As a result of portal applications Tax has significantly decreased costs. Major areas of savings include: eFile and MeF Tax Returns, BB1 filings, UC-1 cashiering, and the tax license search. We do not include any IT-related costs, only other quantifiable costs associated with the handling of returns, printing, mail and data entry. In 2014, our free services saved the state over $3.5 million. With further engagement we estimate that it could be closer to $10 million.

A graph depicting Department of Taxation avoided costs of 3,500,000 dollars per year.


Hawaii State Judiciary


This is a cost savings analysis for the eTraffic application developed by HIC for the Hawaii State Judiciary. It shows avoided fees by having the service available online.

A graph depicting eTraffic avoided costs of 30,000 dollars per year.

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