In 2014, we went through an intensive effort to upgrade our customer service tracking and reporting system. After thorough review of numerous third-party programs available, we selected FreshDesk for its ease of use and tracking capabilities. FreshDesk gives us comprehensive reporting for calls, chats, and emails in a single location, with just a click of a button. We can track all forms of communication as to how they were received, the name of the service the inquiry was regarding, and provide customer satisfaction reports for both chats and emails.

In addition, FreshDesk allows our government partners to submit inquiries to their own queue which automatically get assigned as urgent. This ensures that our partners always get their answers as quickly as possible. From January 1, 2014 to October 31, 2014, HIC's customer service department handled 49,644 inquiries, an increase of over 16,000 since the year prior. With the increase in calls, it is imperative that we have a tool that properly reflects our efficiency and tracks data correctly.

Customer Service - Statistics

Number of Phone Calls by Service - Table

Below are the statistics for the total of contacts from January 1st through September 30th 2014 with a breakdown showing the most common calls by specific service.







Airport Auctions9Hawaii County Camping293Non - HIC information897
Annual Reports1,087Hawaii Business Express1,647Notary841
BOC Search1,442Hawaii Compliance Express7,693Payment Questions182
Business Registrations2,508

Hawaii Health Connector


Professional & Vocational Licensing


Child Support Enforcement Agency


Insurance License Renewals


Real Property Tax Payments

Dept. of Labor (non HCE)129Hawaii State ID53Sex (Covered) Offender28
DLNR Boating Division175

Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Express


State Calendar110
General DoTax (non-HCE)594Hunting and Fishing269State Camping2,581
DoTax (non-HCE) referred459HIePRO706Subscriber166

Hawaii Teacher Standards Board




Efile539Login Questions4,594Vital Records3,140

Electronic Marriage and Civil Union System

2,538Misc - HIC1,091Wastewater Permits10

Employee Retirement System

12Motor Vehicle Renewals415Water Payments36
eTraffic609Na Ala Hele12Wiki (Weddings)120
Film Permits35Narcotics Enforcement549

TB Registry




Total Phone Calls Listed HIC by Service - Graph

Below is an alternate view of the statistics for the total of contacts from January 1st through September 30th 2014 with a breakdown showing the most common calls by specific service.

Pie chart showing the breakdown of Number of Phone Calls by Service


With FreshDesk, when an inquiry is made, the user is eligible to rate the customer service representative that handled the questions and provide supporting comments. FreshDesk also gives points to the Customer Service team members and rates them as Most Valuable Player, Customer Wow Champion, Sharpshooter and Speed Racer. This is an added motivator and encourages the team to answer tickets promptly, courteously, and efficiently.

Below is a sampling of comments given to our HIC team members by actual customers.

"Twice now I have been in contact, and both times I've had a speedy and polite response! Thank you so much! You've been very helpful and I cannot wait to visit Hawaii! Best wishes."

"I received always the answers very quickly, considering different time zones, as if I was the only client that you have (and I know you have a lot of requirements from people)!!! Thank you Support Team! Mahalo."

"You folks are awesome, efficient, and professionals!!!! You are an asset in the government sector. I am not a high-tech individual but your help made my life easier. Thank you very much again."

"The representative, Jamie, was incredibly helpful and very knowledgeable in what access I needed for my dept. Please extend my thanks to her and your entire staff."

"I am in deep appreciation for your immediate response to my questions thank you so much for your time and for making my experience with your office a pleasurable one!"

"Everyone I came into contact with in order to get my license were a huge help. Over the phone and at the office. They were very friendly and understanding since we come from the other side of the island."

"Bobby was very helpful—he answered right away and came up with a solution promptly. He also communicated very well. Great job!"

"The response time to my inquiry was excellent! Thank you, it is refreshing and appreciated!"

"Nick was very responsive and helpful. Directed me in the right direction to get my questions answered. THANK YOU!"

Meet the Team

Jamie Kinion
Jamie Kinion happily working at her work station
Jamie joined HIC in 2011 as a "Temp" hire and soon moved to Customer Service. After learning the ins and outs of customer service, Jamie took reins as Customer Liaison to lead the team in July 2012.
Nick Choy
Nick Choy calmly helping a phone caller
Nick has been with the team since February 2014. He came to HIC with over 9 years of customer service experience. Nick is proud & happy to assist users engage in Hawaii government via HIC services.
Bobby Bundac
Bobby Bundac smiling and working at a computer
Bobby is the newest addition to the Customer Service team. He is thrilled to be with one of Hawaii's Best Places to Work and, like Jamie and Nick, truly enjoys helping people.

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