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Hawaii Information Consortium General Manager’s Report

December 2014 - Feb 2015

Executive Summary

Welcome to new Access Hawaii Committee Members.

In December / early January, HIC completed the year-end changes for the MEF and eFile tax services.  The medical marijuana patient registry system was implemented and launched in time for DOH to start entering new patients into the system in the new year.  The new and improved vital records ordering system was launched in February and has already had a positive impact on both DOH staff and customers.   A number of HIC staff manned a booth at the Hawaii Digital Government Summit and displayed our recent services and improvements in cooperation with OIMT and ICSD. 

Outreach Activity


The portal sends reminders and notices for many of our partners.  These include US mail, email, and text. 

In December 2014, we launched a new notification service called MyBusiness Alerts. This service replaces and automates the manual process of sending email reminder notifications to business users when it is time to file the annual report with DCCA BREG. This service also added text message notifications and business monitoring alerts.

DCCA BREGQ412,278Postcard Reminder 
DCCA BREGQ43,2982nd Email Reminder 
DCCA BREGQ119,693Email Reminder 
DCCA BREGQ124,898Postcard Notice 
DCCA INSMarch 20153,825Postcard Notice  
DCCA INSMarch 20153,014Email Notice  

Portal Notification Service

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Sent OnMessage TypeService NameMessages
2014-12EMAILDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Alerts15
2014-12EMAILDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Reminders136
2014-12SMSDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Alerts11
2014-12EMAILOther Messaging1
2015-01EMAILDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Alerts10
2015-01EMAILDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Reminders9057
2015-01EMAILDLIR: Unemployment Insurance Notification44
2015-01EMAILTAX: G45 Notification13
2015-01EMAILTAX: G49 Notification1
2015-01SMSDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Alerts5
2015-01SMSDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Reminders13
2015-01SMSDLIR: Unemployment Insurance Notification8
2015-01SMSTAX: G45 Notification2
2015-01SMSTAX: G49 Notification1
2015-01EMAILOther Messaging1
2015-02EMAILDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Alerts10
2015-02EMAILDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Reminders4054
2015-02EMAILTAX: G45 Notification1
2015-02SMSDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Alerts9
2015-02SMSDCCA BREG: MyBusiness Reminders5
2015-02EMAILOther Messaging1474


  Press Releases


State Launches Business Monitoring Website


Hawaii Attorney General Wins Best Information Services Mobile Application


EV Stations Hawaii Wins Best Energy Mobile Application


My.hawaii.gov Recognized as 2015 Harvard Ash Center Bright Idea in Government



Conferences Attended

Portal Introduction

  • University of Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education
  • Office of the Mayor - County of Kauai
  • City and County of Hawaii MVR Office
  • City and County of Hawaii Department of Customer Services
  • Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs Director
  • Budget and Finance Director
  • Department of Health Director and Deputy


Harvard Ash Center "Bright Idea" Award

John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, recognized my.hawaii.gov as part of the 2015 Bright Ideas program. This year’s cohort includes 124 programs from all levels of government — school districts, county, city, state, and federal agencies; as well as public-private partnerships — that are at the forefront of innovative government action. my.hawaii.gov delivers 'Your Government - Your Way,' with a first of its kind approach to the gamification of government, leveraging existing portal architecture and a Single Sign-On system.

Medical Marijuana Licensing System Launched

Beginning January 1, 2015, management of the Hawaii Medical Marijuana Program was transferred from the Department of Public Safety (DPS) to the Department of Health (DOH).  The New Year brought a new home for the program, as well as a brand new electronic patient registry to help DOH manage patient and caregiver registration. The new system will support Law Enforcement by ensuring information requests are handled securely and in confidence.

The new electronic system allows licensed physicians with controlled substance registration to submit new and renewal applications on behalf of patients, along with payments through a secure online process.  Upon receiving the supporting documentation, DOH will approve the registration and issue the cards.  Law Enforcement officers will submit inquiries online and via fax. For more information, please visit health.hawaii.gov/medicalmarijuana/.

State Improves Vital Records Online Ordering System

The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) Office of Health Statistics Monitoring launched an improved ordering and tracking system for certified copies of birth and marriage/civil union certificates online.  This service offers online ordering with credit card payments, tracking of orders with real-time status, and the option to receive your order by mail or pick-up.  Prepaid pick-up orders are available at the DOH Punchbowl location on Oahu.  The public is encouraged to submit all orders online with credit card payment.  An email order confirmation will be sent to include tracking information that can be used to track online order status in real-time.

For more information and to purchase a copy of your Hawaii vital records visit:  https://vitrec.ehawaii.gov.

Real Estate Professionals Continue to Renewed Online 

The 2014 December renewal cycle was completed on 12/31/2014.  17,095 (95%) of all licensees renewed online through the MyPVL service. The consistency of having high adoption rates across all boards has proved the success of the MyPVL service.

New Website Launched

New Application Deployments

Application Upgrades


New SLAs

  • None

New SOWs

  • DCCA CATV Website Services and Support (T&M Fees apply)
  • DOH OHCA Electronic Health Care Facilities Licensing System ($10,000 project development cost for Stage 1)
  • DBEDT FTZ Bill Presentment and Payment Processing ($2.50 convenience fee plus $2.25% transaction fee for CC or $1.00 for eCheck)
  • DOH DCAB Disability Parking Permit System ($30,000 project development cost for Phase 1)
  • DLNR Hunter Education and Records Management System ($5,000 for Phase 1 SRS, costs for Phase 2 and 3 TBD, $5 portal administration fee per registration)
  • B&F EUTF File Transfer Service (No Fees)

Amended SOWs

  • DOH OHSM Vital Records Ordering System Amendment2 ($200,000 project development cost, $2.50 portal administration fee)
  • DLNR DOBOR BARS Amendment7 ($93,200 maintenance and support cost)
  • Kauai Online Property Tax Payments Amendment2 - responsive redesign of site (No change in fees)

Additional Items

  • Portal contract is up for renewal this year.

Customer Service Statistics

Number of support contacts from the public per service.


CS Tracking Quarter 4 2014
Airport Auctions0101
Annual Reports1187381272
BOC Search183122131436
DLIR (non HCE)14101034
DoTax (non-HCE)293338100
DoTax (non-HCE) referred534873174
EV stations0000
Film Permit531119
Hawaii County Camping32264098
Hawaii Health Connector861125
Login Problems6166115601787
Na Ala Hele0000
Name Change127524
Non-HIC info98103117318
Payment Problems11111335
Sex (Covered) Offender57315
State Calendar16151142
State Camping335183249767
TA 3262114
Vital Records278266254798
Wiki (Weddings)8121232
Portal Support Stats






Consolidated Balance Sheet




Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC

 -Unaudited report
















Shareholder Equity

(114,306)* Corrected




Total Liabilities & Shareholder Equity










Income Statement




Hawaii Information Consortium, LLC

 -Unaudited report





Rolling 3 Month

Total Revenues



Total Expenses


Income (Loss) from operations


Other Income (Expense)





Net Income (Loss) Before Taxes


Total Provision for Income Taxes


Net Income (Loss)



Analytics report is included in the packet.



Appendix A:  Key Staff Contacts

201 Merchant St, Suite 1805, Honolulu HI, 96813







Russell Castagnaro

General Manager



Jing Xu

Director of Portal Operations



Zheng Fang

Director of Development



Janet Pick

Manager of Project Management Office



Emergency Help Line

Emergency Support



Customer Support

Public Customer Support




Appendix B:  Acronyms

AOUO - Association of Unit Owners

B&F – Department of Budget and Finance

BOC – Bureau of Conveyances (DLNR)

BREG – Business Registration Division (DCCA)

CDG – Center for Digital Government

CMLS – Commercial Marine Licensing System

CMS – Content Management System

DCCA – Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs

DBEDT – Department of Business Economic Development and Tourism

DCAB - Disability and Communication Access Board

DFI – Division of Financial Services

DLIR – Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

DLNR – Department of Land and Natural Resources

DOCARE - Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement

DOE – Department of Education

DOFAW – Division of Forestry and Wildlife

DOH – Department of Health

EDRS – Electronic Death Registration System

ELF – Electronic Filing System

HBE – Hawaii Business Express

HCE – Hawaii Compliance Express

HCJDC – Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center

HID – Hawaii Insurance Division

HTSB- Hawaii Teachers Standards Board

HUI EXPRESS – Hawaii Unemployment Insurance Express

IACA - International Association of Commercial Administrators

IRS – U.S. Internal Revenue Service

JIMS – Judiciary Information Management System

My.hawaii.gov – the single-sign-on service for Hawaii state government

MORAA - Model Registered Agent's Act

NASCIO – National Association of State Chief Information Officers

OHCA - Office of Health Care Assurance

OIMT – Office of Information and Management Technology

OMPO – Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization

PVL – Professional Vocational Licensing

REB – Real Estate Branch (DCCA)

RICO - Regulated Industries Complaints Office (DCCA)

PRIA - Property Records Industry Association

PUC – Public Utilities Commission

SLA – Service Level Agreement

SOW – Statement of Work

UCC – Uniform Commercial Code

UI – Unemployment Insurance (DLIR)

VIPS – Volunteers in Public Service (Judiciary)

XML – Extensible Markup Language



Appendix C: Web Analytics Terms


  • Hit - A request for a file from the web server. Available only in log analysis. The number of hits received by a website is frequently cited to assert its popularity, but this number is extremely misleading and dramatically over-estimates popularity. A single web-page typically consists of multiple (often dozens) of discreet files, each of which is counted as a hit as the page is downloaded, so the number of hits is really an arbitrary number more reflective of the complexity of individual pages on the website than the website's actual popularity. The total number of visitors or page views provides a more realistic and accurate assessment of popularity.
  • Page View - A request for a file whose type is defined as a page in log analysis. An occurrence of the script being run in page tagging. In log analysis, a single page view generates multiple hits as all the resources required to view the page (images, .js and .css files) are also requested from the web server.
  • Visit / Session - A series of requests from the same uniquely identified client with a set timeout. A visit is expected to contain multiple hits (in log analysis) and page views.
  • Visitor / Unique Visitor - The uniquely identified client generating requests on the web server (log analysis) or viewing pages (page tagging). A visitor can make multiple visits.


Appendix D: Add On Fee Services Report

This report provides information on all portal services that include a portal administration fee paid by the user.

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TitleDescriptionPROD URLLaunch DateBusiness ModelPortal FeeCredit Card Add-On Fee (%)eCheck Add-On Fee ($)
AG - HCJDC - Bulk Covered Offender RegistryDownload bulk data on sex offenders and other covered offenders in the State of Hawaiihcjdc.ehawaii.gov/bulkcor08/21/2013Self-funded$100/download fee ($50 HIC/ $50 HCJDC)0.000.00
AG - HCJDC - eCrimSearch for and purchase Hawaii criminal history recordsecrim.ehawaii.gov/ahewa09/01/2005Self-fundedRecord: $10 ($7 HCJDC/$3 HIC); Search: $5 ($4 HCJDC/$1 HIC);$1,000/month for unlimited searches0.000.00
AG - HCJDC - Bulk Criminal DownloadDownload bulk data on all criminal s in the State of HawaiiDiscontinued01/01/2010Self-funded$2000/month (Discontinued)0.000.00
AG - Notary - Notary Registration SystemADMIN: Allows admins to enter new notary applications and update payment status. PUBLIC: Allows the public to submit renewals, new applications and make payments for applications and exams.notary.ehawaii.gov7/9/2013Self-funded10%0.000.00
DAGS - SPO - Hawaii Compliance Express (HCE)One stop solution for vendors who are interested in doing business with the State to obtain compliance status with DCCA BREG, TAX, IRS and DLIR.vendors.ehawaii.gov/hce1/1/2006Self-funded$12/year0.000.00
DAGS - SPO - HIePRO (eProcurement System)eProcurement System which promotes open competition and transparency when purchasing goods, services, and constructionhiepro.hawaii.gov4/9/2013Self-funded.75% per original award amount with max of $50002.500.00
DBEDT - CID - Film PermitOnline film permit application system for established entities to apply for film permits for State of Hawaii locationshfo.ehawaii.gov9/23/2013Hybrid$100.000.00
DBEDT - FTZ - Bill Presentment and Payment ProcessingPay Foreign Trade Zone invoices onlineSelf-funded$2.502.251.00
DCCA - BREG - Agent SearchCreate a list of Hawaii businesses that are represented by a given agent or set of agents.hbe.ehawaii.gov/agentsearchSelf-funded$2.00 per list plus 5¢ per business record 0.000.00
DCCA - BREG - Bulk Business Registration DataBusiness registration data bulk service downloadSubscription only1/1/2002Self-funded$1000/month0.000.00
DCCA - BREG - Business Entity List BuilderCustomized list builder of businesses registered in the State of Hawaii. Information provided includes all addresses, officers, trade names, trade marks, and service marks associated with the businesses on the list.hbe.ehawaii.gov/listbuilder/9/1/2002Self-funded$0.05 per record0.000.00
DCCA - PVL - Bulk LicenseBulk download of all PVL license data with monthly accesswww.ehawaii.gov/SecureDownload/pvlbulkSelf-funded$1000/Month (Partner Split)0.000.00
DCCA - PVL - List BuilderAllows users to build and download a customized list of licensees under the jurisdiction of the PVL Divisionpvl.ehawaii.gov/pvllistbuilder02/28/2014Self-funded50% of fee plus 2.5% of fee for CC transactions0.000.00
DLIR - HUI - Hawaii Unemployment Insurance (HUI) ExpressUnemployment Insurance filinghui.ehawaii.gov/hui1/1/2003Self-funded2.200.00
DLNR - BOC - Bulk Image DownloadMonthly Coveyance Image updateswww.ehawaii.gov/SecureDownload/bocimages06/01/2011Self-funded$500/month (Partner Split)0.000.00
DLNR - BOC - Bulk Indexed Data DownloadConveyance Grantor/Grantee Index Data Monthly Accesswww.ehawaii.gov/SecureDownload/bocdata08/08/2011Self-funded$200/month (Partner Split)0.000.00
DLNR - BOC - UCC RecordingsThe online service allows users to complete a UCC financing statement (UCC-1, UCC-1AD) and submit payment via credit card or subscriber account.  boc.ehawaii.gov/ucc-recording7/1/2009Self-funded$
DLNR - DAR - Freshwater Game Fishing LicenseThe Online Freshwater Fishing Licenses application will allow users to purchase freshwater fishing licenses via the internet using their credit card.freshwater.ehawaii.gov/freshwater7/1/2000Hybrid$1.00 per license0.000.00
DLNR - DOBOR - Boating Accounts Receivable System (BARS)Account creation and management, billing, and other operational functions for the harbor slip assignment and billing systemdobor.ehawaii.gov7/25/2011Hybrid02.600.00
DLNR - DOFAW - Na Ala Hele Trail & Access SystemA trail reservation system for the commercial trail operatiorshawaiitrails.org7/1/2007Self-funded10%0.000.00
DLNR - OCCL - Conservation District Use Permit DirectoryCDUP directory for users to purchase permit copies and any related information.occl.ehawaii.gov/cdup2/14/2013Self-funded$7.500.000.00
DLNR - SPC - Statewide Camping Reservation SystemOnline service that allows individuals to reserve and purchase camping and cabin permits for Hawaii's Department of Land and Natural Resources.camping.ehawaii.gov/camping3/1/2010Self-funded10%, minimum $
DOH - OHSM - Electronic Marriage Registration System (EMRS)Electronic manage and civil union registration system allows couples to apply, pay, agents to verification information, performer to complete ceremony information, and finally DOH to approve.emrs.ehawaii.gov1/1/20012Hybrid$50.000.00
DOH - OHSM - Performer Registration SystemRegistratin and renewal of wedding performersemrs.ehawaii.gov1/1/20012Self-funded$10
DOH - OHSM - Vital Records Ordering and TrackingOnline ordering of vital recordsvitrec.ehawaii.gov2/17/2015Hybrid$2.50 per order up to 5 copies0.000.00
DOTAX - General - Bulk Tax FilingBulk tax filings for HW-14dotax.ehawaii.gov/bulktax/10/11/2012Self-funded0.50 per filing0.000.00
DOTAX - General - eFileElectronic filing and payments dotax.ehawaii.gov/efile/user3/1/2011Self-funded$1.00 for payments, no charge for filings0.000.00
Hawaii - DPW - Public Works and Permitting PaymentsHIC processes payments only for this application.  It is not an HIC application.papaaukahi.hawaiicounty.gov2/25/2013Self-funded$02.602.00
Hawaii - DWS - Water PaymentsAllows account holders to pay for water bill for the County of Hawaiipayments.ehawaii.gov/waterbill/hawaii2/14/2011Self-funded$2.502.251.00
Hawaii - Finance - Real Property Tax (RPT) PaymentsAllows users to pay their Hawaii County real property tax payments onlinepayments.ehawaii.gov/propertytax/hawaii/search.html6/5/2008Self-funded$2.500.001.00
Hawaii - Parks & Recreation - Big Island Camping PermitsOnline service designed to allow individuals to reserve and purchase camping and cabin permits for Hawaii County Department of Parks and Recreation.hawaiicounty.ehawaii.gov/camping12/31/2012Self-funded(juniorsNo*$1.00 + adultsNo*$1.00)*daysNo0.000.00
Hawaii - VRL - Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) RenewalsAllows users to renew their Hawaii County motor vehicle registration online.mvr.ehawaii.gov/renewals/hawaii7/7/2010Self-funded$2.502.251.00
HIC - App - Notification CenterAllows users to sign up for email reminders or monitoring services within various HIC-based applicationslogin.ehawaii.gov7/11/2014Hybrid$25 Business Monitoring Alert, $2.50 Annual Reminder per business0.000.00
Judiciary - General - DocumentsPayment processing for document purchases at the JudiciarySelf-funded$02.602.00
Judiciary - General - eTrafficAllows user to pay traffic violations online.etraffic.ehawaii.gov/etraffic3/27/2013Self-funded$1.502.600.00
Judiciary - General - Vehicle Monitoring and Renewal ServiceThis app is available to eHawaii.gov subscribers and provides a weekly report of any vehicles in the subscriber's fleet that have violations over the last 31 days.  This allows fleet owners to account for citations on a timely basis and avoid penalties for overdue payments on citations.  VMS also makes it easier for the fleet owner to track the responsible party for each citation.vms.ehawaii.gov4/19/2010Self-funded$1.00 for each violation reported, $2.00 for each vehicle renewal.0.000.00
Judiciary - TVB - Driving Monitoring ServiceMonitor drivers and traffic violations for insurance companiestraffic.ehawaii.gov1/1/2008Self-funded$0.15/month/driver0.000.00
Judiciary - TVB - Kalaiwa Traffic AbstractsOrder and download electronic traffic abstracts by insurance companiestraffic.ehawaii.gov1/1/2001Self-funded$30.000.00
Kauai - MVR - Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) RenewalAllows users to renew their Kauai County motor vehicle registration onlinemvr.ehawaii.gov/renewals/kauai2/2/2009Self-funded$2.502.201.00
Kauai - Real Property - Real Property Tax (RPT) PaymentsAllows users to pay for their Kauai real property tax payment onlinepayments.ehawaii.gov/propertytax/kauai4/15/2007Self-funded$2.502.201.00
Kauai - Water - Sewer PaymentThis app allows users to pay their bi-monthly Kauai sewer bill online via credit card or eCheck.  payments.ehawaii.gov/kauaisewer/4/15/2006Self-funded$2.502.201.00
LG - General - Name ChangeThe Name Change application allows petitioners, the Lt. Governor's Office, and the Publisher to manage and track each Name Change request as it progresses. namechange.ehawaii.gov2/25/2014Self-funded$50.000.00
Maui - VRL - Motor Vehicle Registration (MVR) RenewalsAllows users to renew their Maui County motor vehicle registration onlinemvr.ehawaii.gov/renewals/maui5/21/2008Self-funded$2.502.251.00